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Van Hau Co., Ltd. is proud to be a leading company in Ho Chi Minh City specializing in high-end aluminum mold casting. With a team of experienced technicians and advanced casting technology, we are committed to providing customers with superior quality cast aluminum products that meet the highest standards of precision and durability.

1. About high-end aluminum mold casting

Our high-end aluminum mold casting service is designed to serve industries that require high precision and top-quality products. We specialize in casting aluminum parts for industries such as automotive, aviation, medical, and other specialized industrial applications.

2. High-end aluminum mold casting process

  • Receiving and Analyzing Requirements: We begin by listening to and thoroughly analyzing the customer's requirements, from technical specifications to specific product applications.

  • Mold Design: Our team of engineers uses state-of-the-art design software to create precise aluminum mold patterns, ensuring the final products meet the highest technical and aesthetic standards.

  • Material Selection: We only use high-quality aluminum alloys to ensure the final products have optimal strength and heat resistance.

  • Casting Process: Using advanced casting technology, we cast aluminum into the molds, producing products with high precision and consistency.

  • Quality Inspection: Each product undergoes rigorous quality inspection to ensure there are no technical defects and meets the highest quality standards.

  • Finishing and Delivery: After inspection, the products are finished, surface-treated, carefully packaged, and delivered to customers on schedule.

3. Advantages of high-end aluminum mold casting service

  • High Precision: Our casting process ensures the production of highly precise and detailed aluminum products.
  • Superior Quality: Our cast aluminum products have high durability and can withstand harsh environments.
  • Flexibility in Production: This casting method is suitable for producing complex parts, meeting diverse customer needs.
  • Cost Efficiency: Our casting service offers competitive prices while ensuring product quality.

Van Hau is always ready to meet all your requirements for high-end aluminum mold casting services. Contact us today for detailed advice and a quotation!



<b>Mold design consulting</b>

We commit to providing molds with high precision, ensuring that the final products meet the highest quality standards

<b>Casting aluminum spare parts</b>

We use pure aluminum and high-quality aluminum alloys during the process to ensure the durability and precision of the product

<b>Casting bronze spare parts</b>

The casting process is carried out by experienced artisans, utilizing modern equipment to create the best end products

<b>Casting iron spare parts</b>

Each product after casting will undergo thorough inspection to ensure compliance with all quality and technical standards

<B>Casting antimony spare parts</b>

Our antimony cast products always meet high quality standards, ensuring reliability and durability for customer use

<b>Casting parts on demand</b>

With years of experience and a deep understanding of casting techniques, we pride ourselves on being a reliable partner

<b>Casting on metal mold</b>

After completion, the cast products will be carefully packaged and delivered to customers within the agreed-upon timeframe

<b>Casting on fresh sand mold</b>

The traditional method, albeit effective, is particularly suitable for complex-shaped details and high-precision requirements

<b>Casting on resin sand mold</b>

Van Hau's resin sand casting service is carried out with the most rigorous and advanced processes and techniques available

<b>Casting high-quality aluminum</b>

We ensure the aluminum casting prototype products have absolute precision and consistent quality before delivering to customers

<B>Machining services</b>

We start by listening and understanding the needs of our customers, from technical specifications to specific applications

<b>Metal processing and coating</b>

Including many processing stages and surface coatings to enhance the aesthetics and corrosion resistance of metals


Van Hau Product - Trading - Services Co., Ltd specializes in consulting mold design, precision casting, mechanical processing, metal treatment, and coating.



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